We've Been Invited


These are interesting times we live in. More connected than ever. More disconnected than ever. We exist in the information age with an insatiable thirst for disinformation. Always on the hunt for confirmation bias. The best cages are the ones you can't see. The best prisoners are the ones who think they are free. 

Nobody has to admit it
Reach for control where there’s nothing to hold onto
I see the system is failing
Put something in and nothing comes out

With all you have don’t forget it
Work so hard for things you never wanted
Did you?
Give a sec, take a minute
Wasted time
That’s fine
I’m wasted

And you may have an opinion
Put it in the cloud and let the chatter rain down
Well, I!
I’m a victim
I just want to feel safe here

I’m gonna tune you out
When we speak we shout
No! I don’t belong here.
Does it freak you out?
Or put you in a rage?
To know
You’ve been invited
To build your own cage