Z Phone Delay V2


This video was improvised - thrown together on the spot and recorded in one take. Levels are whacked, but that's not the point.

I made a lo-fi telephone a few weeks ago (a black one, version 1) and thought this old Dan Electro PB&J pedal collecting dust could also be worked into the design.

This is a demo test just to make sure the thing doesn't break before we use it for Zetsumetsu. But this is what I do. I make stuff. I break stuff. I make new stuff.

Lyrics were spit out stream of conscious style. Looking back, it is reflective of the current times we live in.

"Everybody has an opinion, everyone has a public opinion. Everybody wants to push it on me. Everybody has an opinion. I don't think we know what's happening. Everyone's trying to kill their brothers. Stop calling me! Stop calling me! Stop calling me! Please, stop calling me!"

Give power to what you love.

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Cheers! <3