MOTR Eurorack Blank Panels for Knobcon 2018


We've been looking forward to Knobcon 2018 all year, and now we are less than two weeks away from the big weekend in Schaumburg, IL! It's the world's ONLY synthesizer convention. Our schedules are already marked with the talks and events we don't want to miss. We're also planning to jam out in the JAMMspace.

It's time to relax, have fun, and soak it all in. We can't wait to spend quality time with our friends in the synth community and meet new people. MOTR hasn't been revealed on social media because we plan to communicate about it in person. So far, people have shown enthusiasm for the idea of a modular synth mobile venue.

For those of you who we see next weekend that show extra excitement for this, we've got a special present for you! Flutter designed a 14 HP blank panel with the MOTR concept on front and our contact information on the back. You can stay in touch with us while stylishly filling an empty slot in your eurorack.

Zetsumei didn't expect the laser engraving process to take this long, so he's only making 16 for now. It's taken almost three hours to engrave eight, but it's so worth it!